Welcome to the website of Taku Phot. This website is dedicated to everything that is related to traveling around Asia. Specifically, we have given focus to Japan.

Many people that we have met have expressed interest in traveling to Japan. They are curious about the culture and customs. They are also interested to see how their preconceived notions of the country match up with the reality. If you are one of those people, then you have found the right place on the internet. On this website, you will find information about traveling, some posts dedicated to mythbusting, and much more. Thanks so much for giving us a visit, and we hope that you take a look around to find out all of the information for yourself!

We got started a long time before the actual birth of the website. We are a group of friends who were once strangers traveling in Japan. We had all just graduated from our studies at university and wanted to take the opportunity of fresh freedom from academia to explore the world. One fateful night, we all checked into a hostel in Tokyo. We met, found some common interests, and decided to take a night out on the town together. After one too many sake bombs and some harrowing experiences, we became best friends for life. This blog came into existence many years later as a manifestation of the things we’ve learned through our many travels in Japan. Here, you’ll find many posts from a whole team of bloggers that is excited about traveling to and within Japan.


Taku Phot