Nature in Japan



When thinking of Japan, it is easy to fall into the rut of thinking about the urban side of it. For example, both Tokyo and Osaka are huge cities. They contain a large amount of Japan’s population. As a result, many people’s minds go straight to a place like Tokyo when Japan becomes the topic of conversation.

While the urban parts of Japan are surely marvelous, there are also other great things to explore in Japan. One of those great things is the nature. There are plenty of natural wonders to see in Japan. In this post, we will delve into some of the great sites in nature that are in Japan. Keep reading down below to learn all about it!

Things to visit

Mt. Fuji

This mountain is the tallest mountain in the country. It is a feat to climb and an attraction for many alpinists.  Here, you can enjoy all of the things that are related to the outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and sightseeing. Some people have even tried geocaching in this area!

Suicide Forest

This natural venture might be a little bit spookier than the last. The Suicide Forest is a very creepy forest that exists in Japan. It has earned its name because many people have gone off into the forest to commit suicide. As a result, there is a figurative dark shadow that is cast over the notion of the forest. Many people claim that it might be haunted with the tormented souls that belonged to these unhappy earthly bodies. It may be scary, but it is worth the trip if you are brave! Venture there if you dare!

Of course, legend aside, the forest is incredibly beautiful and deserves a proper visit if you are feeling up to it. There has been a lot done to preserve the forest and make sure that it is in a healthy condition. For example, there have been some dead tree removals and such done by American tree companies such as tree service West Bloomfield. As a result, the forest has received much praise after some small beautification project.

The beach

Of course, Japan is an island country, so it has plenty of beaches. There are some great places to get amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. While all of the coast is not necessarily swimmable, there definitely places that exist that have public swimming access. Try visiting the southern part of the country for better luck on this.

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