One essential part of a culture is the music. In some ways, one can see music as the heart and soul of a culture. It is something that unifies and represents what a culture stands for and values. Because of this, music that belongs to each culture should hold great value. You should listen to it with big ears and not take it for granted.

Although it might not be as culturally interesting, it is very eye opening to see one culture take on the music of another culture. This can result in a new spin on an old sound. This is definitely the case with some of the music in Japan. While a certain style of music may have come from elsewhere, that music becomes transformed when it enters Japan. Here, you’ll find beautiful, cool, and some downright strange music. Keep on reading in the post to learn all about it!

Hearing it in Japan

What to check out

Like we said before, there is plenty of great music to check out in Japan. There are several genres that are very popular in this country. For example, jazz is huge over in Japan. There are pressings of certain famous jazz records that are only available in Japan. Hip hop is also huge there. A lot of rappers will actually do more tours in Japan than in the United States because there is such a demand for it over there. Make sure you hit up a jazz club or see a hip hop show if you’re there!

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