Japan is a most interesting country because their culture and customs are so different from ours back home. It is exciting and informative to learn both about and from the way people do things in Japan. One of the things that is much different about Japan is the notion of relationships. The way that people  interact and treat each other is very different from the way that we interact with one another here. This pervades all kinds of relationships. The notion of relationships over there also makes its way into how people see romance and pleasure. This gives rise to a number of services offered in Japan that you may not be able to find in the United States. Before you read them, try to keep an open mind before you reject any of them. We might be able to learn something! Keep reading below for all of the details.


Significant other

Did you  know that in Japan, you can pay somebody to act as your significant other? This can be handy if you are looking to have status at a certain event or family gathering. The person that you hire will send you texts and also show up to the occasional family dinner in order to keep up appearances.

You can also pay somebody to cuddle with you! There are places where you can go and spend money to have someone spend time with you in an intimate space like a bedroom. There, you can discuss your deepest and darkest secrets or just cuddle up with another human being.

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