Japanese Entertainment



Sometimes, it is simply not enough to just see the sights in a place that you are visiting. If you are looking to broaden your perspective on the world, then you will want to see things from someone else’s point of view. Going on a vacation or traveling to another country is a great opportunity to do that.

When traveling in Japan, one of the ways that you can see things from their perspective is to look at their entertainment. Japanese entertainment differs greatly from what most people are used to in the United States. The television, music, and commercials all take the same general form. However, the contents can be totally different. This post aims to unpack some of these differences to clue you in on what is going on in the world of Japanese entertainment. We’ll go through some of the larger mediums of entertainment.



Just like us Americans, the Japanese have a strong hold on television as a form of entertainment. They have television shows, broadcasted sporting events, and commercials. However, the methods by which they produce these things are a little bit different. Sometimes, these commercials or shows will mimic some Western culture. In other circumstances, the entertainment will nod to only Japanese cultures and customs. As a result, some American or Western audiences might feel a little bit isolate from watching Japanese television. However, a useful approach is to see what can be gleaned about Japanese culture from watching the television. In this way, cultural learning and appreciation takes place.

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