Dressing for the Weather



Being prepared with the right clothes for your environment can be kind of tricky on a vacation. You can do all the research you want to gauge what to wear, but it is nothing like actually being in that place. As a result, many people end up very unprepared on their vacations. Another common problem is that people overpack and consequently have too much to carry. How can you find that sweet spot?

Figuring out what to wear on a vacation to Japan definitely falls under the category of difficult vacation outfit planning. There is a wide range of temperatures in this lovely island country, and you definitely will want to be prepared. However, have no fear! We’ve got some great outfit tips for you. Keep reading on down below to find out what’s best to wear on your vacation to Japan!



The name of the game for traveling outfits is, without a doubt, layers. Layers are so useful because you can make sure that you can stay both warm or cool no matter what the temperature is. The temperature in the south of Japan can get pretty hot (for example, Okinawa). If you wear long pants and a T shirt with a couple of layers over it, you should be fine. If it gets hot, you can just peel off a couple layers and you’ll be perfectly cool. The best thing to do is to bring a couple pairs of pants, three T shirts, and two sweatshirts. If you’re really afraid that you’ll overheat, then just bring a pair of shorts and you’ll be ready to go.

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